Welcome to the Blog

A new venture begins with the first step. I’ve created this website and blog to promote photography exhibitions within the Innerform showroom, I’ve named the gallery space PhotoForm.

Like many people, I’ve been interested in photography for a long time. After many frustrating attempts to take portfolio images of my interior design projects, I started a journey to learn the art of photography.

I began this journey as a new years resolution on 1st January 2017 by signing up the two online courses firstly Shaw Academy and then the Open University.

Practice, that’s what it’s all about. At first, I’d walk or cycle from my showroom, taking images of local scenes to gain confidence. I soon became obsessed.

Photography is a hobby for me, and after learning all the basics, I now take better portfolio images; and even more annoying photos of my family.

The gallery is available on Open Call, if you’d like to exhibit your work, please contact me.

Kevin Large
PhotoForm Gallery Owner